BBQ Wood Pellets for Grilling – Why We’re Better

BBQ Wood Pellets for Grilling – Why We’re Better

Any grill master will tell you when it comes to grilling, technique is the name of the game. If you want flavor, you have to take the right steps, no cheating. Searing, freezing, thawing, spices…there are a million variables that can affect how good your food tastes when it comes off the grill or out of the smoker.

But one factor that is crucial to making great food on the grill is the fuel. Charcoal makes your food taste like…well…charcoal. Gas…don’t get us started.

If you want awesome food, every time, you need to use real wood pellets for grilling and smoking. Our pellets provide a wide variety of taste sensations for your barbecue.

That’s great, but what makes us better than the competition?

First and foremost, it’s the quality of the product. We make our wood pellets the old fashioned way. While many of our competitors are using leftover sawdust from hammer handle or hickory furniture manufacturing plants, we use only the best wood. The difference is apparent in the flavor. Leftover sawdust does not carry the same taste. In fact, it doesn’t provide much flavor at all.

The second reason we are superior is our central location. Being centrally located in the Midwest helps tremendously with shipping costs. If you’re on the east coast, it’ll be far less expensive to receive a pallet from Wisconsin than from California.

If your customers take their grilling seriously, as most people do, you want to provide them with top of the line wood pellets for grilling and smoking.