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Lumber Jack Hats

Dealers can purchase hats with their grilling pellet order (hats can ride on pallet with no additional shipping charges). Please contact your local Lumber [...]

Rack Cards

Lumber Jack Rack Cards are available and Dealers can purchase any amount with their order. Rack cards can easily be added to pallets of grilling [...]

Bag Buddy Clips

Carrying BBQ pellet bags around the yard, patio, and competitions just got easier! These giant bag clip’s literally adds a handle. Now, carry, pour [...]

Lumber Jack BBQ Banner

Advertise your sale of Lumber Jack grilling pellets!   We have (2' x 4') banners for $25 and (3' x 5.5') banners for $50.

Smokin Wedgies

Smokin Wedgies help by adding more smoke to existing pellet smokers and add smoke to propane, charcoal, and electric grills/smokers. No more messing with [...]

Small Orders – Get Pellet Samples and Bags Delivered to your Door!

All Lumber Jack BBQ varieties available in 20 pound bags and smaller sample bags.  Learn more or order at BBQPelletsOnline.com  


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