Vortron Smokehouses are the industry leaders in both quality and ease of use. Vortron Smokehouses can be used in the production, product development and processing of meat, poultry, cheese, fish and seafood products as well as other applications where controlled temperature, humidity and uniformity are needed load after load. The stainless steel construction combined with the state of the art microprocessor controller gives you the highest level of quality and control available. Each Vortron Smokehouse incorporates many years of design experience and customer input into each product.

Please look through our web site for a listing of our products and capabilities. Vortron’s high production and low maintenance equipment will give you many years of excellent performance and value.


The Model 250 Vortron Generator is a great workhorse for 300 to 500 pound smokehouses. The Model 250 produces steady smoke with an efficient economical feeding system.
The Model 500 Designed for smokehouses that demand a greater density of smoke and longer cycle times, the Vortron Model 500 can keep pace with the requirements of larger one and some two-truck smokehouses.

The model 1000 Standard Smoke Generator is designed for two or four truck smokehouses. It features double side by side 23 inch diameter sawdust hoppers

.The Model 1500 Smoke Generator is the largest standard size. Designed for three or larger smokehouses. It features triple side by side 23 inch diameter sawdust hoppers.


Space – SaversCustomized or Side-by-Side ConfigurationSingle or Double DoorDelivers Quality and Consistent Products through Increased ProductivityRear Door Available as an Option for “Flow Through Design”