Lumber Jack Hats

Dealers can purchase hats with their grilling pellet order (hats can ride on pallet with no additional shipping charges). Non-dealers can e-mail to order [...]

Apple Blend – now available in both 20# and 40# bags

Rack Cards

Lumber Jack Rack Cards are available and Dealers can purchase any amount with their order. Rack cards can easily be added to pallets of grilling pellets [...]

BBQ Pellet Handy Camel – Carry, Pour, Seal

Carrying heavy pellet (and charcoal) bags around the yard and patio (and competition) just got easier! These giant bag clip’s unique design literally puts a [...]

Apple Wood Pellets and the Wood Pellet Difference

Cooking with wood isn’t a revolutionary idea.  Early mankind cooked over fires kindled with wood, folks in the 1800s figured out the mastery that is [...]

100% Hickory Grilling Pellets from Lumber Jack

Lumber Jack hickory pellets are perhaps the most widely used pellet, and for good reason.  Our 100% hickory grilling pellets provide a unique smoke flavor [...]

Handy Camel Clips

Carrying BBQ pellet bags around the yard, patio, and competitions just got easier! These giant bag clip’s literally adds a handle. Now, carry, pour and [...]

Great Lakes Renewable Energy featured in Biomass Magazine

We are proud to be featured in this month's edition of Biomass Magazine! Find the article beginning on page 15 HERE!

Sweetwood Blend (Maple-Beech-Cherry)

Mild combination of sweet woods - phenomenal flavor Available in 40# and 20# bags  

BBQ Wood Pellets for Grilling – Why We’re Better

Any grill master will tell you when it comes to grilling, technique is the name of the game. If you want flavor, you have to take [...]

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