Cooking with wood isn’t a revolutionary idea.  Early mankind cooked over fires kindled with wood, folks in the 1800s figured out the mastery that is slow cooking over wood, and today, we have wood pellet grills engineered to harness the full bodied flavor of wood.  Blends like our apple wood pellets bring a new experience to grilling and enhance the flavor of the food you’re working with.


Apple Wood Pellets: Breaking it Down


The Apple Blend from Lumber Jack Pellets is composed of 60% de-barked oak and 40% apple wood.  It lends a mild and sweet flavor that pairs best with your pork and smoked cheese selections.  Other popular items to smoke over our apple blend include poultry and veggies.


Why wood pellets?


Great question.  Cooking your food over wood tastes better.  Our pure hardwood flavors (like our apple wood pellets) simply help your food taste more flavorful than cooking over charcoal or gas.  Wood grilling also offers the bonus of a consistent cook every time, versatility (smoke anything; we mean it!), and the tried and true precedence of slow cooking over wood.  Your food will taste better, be simpler and more consistent to plan for, and the fun you’ll have experimenting with new foods and flavors will have you turning to your wood pellet grill over and over again.


The Lumber Jack Promise


In addition to providing an amazing product in the form of blends like our apple wood pellets, Lumber Jack grilling pellets guarantee the very best quality barbeque pellets you’ll find anywhere.  From 100% hickory to mesquite to pecan, our pellets are always full flavor and never made from residual sawdust or fillers.  Pure, virgin wood fiber is what you’ll be getting each and every time you cook over our wood grilling pellets, and the difference will be evident in the flavor of your food.


When it’s time to fill or add to your wood pellet stash, dial up some of our apple wood pellets.  They won’t disappoint.